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relationships suck
by Anonymous

yeaah they really can suck
which is why I’m single
and going to marry my cat

How could you afford the nikon d800? Do you have a lot of money or you saved for a long time? I have only a d3100 and I'm kinda embarassed to send my portfolio to anyone since I have such a basic camera :c
by Anonymous

DUDE. Your camera doesn’t change whether you’re good or not. To be honest, it’s even more amazing if you can take awesome photos with a really basic camera. (Also I believe the lens is more important than the body)
But don’t be embarressed at all, I used a D5000 for at least three years. The Camera only changes some of the features you have and the number of pixels in your photo, it doesn’t change whether or not that photo is good.

Hi! I was just wondering what you want as your career?If you want to be a photographer, what kind? Big fan of your photography btw :)
by Anonymous

I want to be the photographer for movie posters


r my fave